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See The Full Picture Art Exhibition - Manchester

  • Niamos Centre Hulme Manchester M15 5EU (map)

 Inspiring Change Manchester are coordinating and curating an interactive, multimedia and mixed arts event called ‘See the Full Picture’. This event will be held at Niamos in Hulme, and will highlight some of the multiple factors which can leave people disadvantaged in accessing the support they need around: housing, mental and physical health care, social wellbeing, experience of the criminal justice system, employment, poverty and family support.

 Multiple and Complex Needs is a term which is being regularly used across the housing and homelessness sector, but are we clear what this means? What does this imply to the public? How is this defined? How do people feel about being identified as having multiple and complex needs? How broad is this definition?

This event is designed to address some of these questions; not by creating a narrow and exclusive label, but by highlighting the very varied experiences which can interlink to leave people excluded from society and the services which they need. These are human rights issues, and we aim to demonstrate how people are being denied basic rights, and moving the focus to the structural inequalities which we perpetuate.


Bringing together people with diverse life experiences and powerful stories to tell, Inspiring Change Manchester has been working with the wider Manchester community to develop an exhibition around what ‘multiple disadvantage’ is and means in people’s lives. People do not see this as a label to describe themselves, but as a statement about how they are treated within the systems which should be there to support them.

Bringing together an eclectic collection of arts and creativity, See The Full Picture is an event designed to both challenge and engage, to show the ups and downs of life, and encourage visitors and artists themselves to link up, talk and increase awareness and understanding about life and challenges in Manchester.

The event will see a collaboration between support services in Manchester, including Back on TrackBooth CentreGreater Manchester Women Support AllianceMen’s RoomMashMustard TreeVenture Arts and Women Asylum Seekers Together.

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